Finca la Pintada

About Finca la Pintada

Finca la Pintada was born in 2014 in Almendralejo (Extremadura). The concept was created by two exporter friends, Sophia and Isabel fruit of their need to offer good quality cava to their customers around the world, with a competitive price and a fresh image.


Almendralejo got the right to be included in the D.O.
Cava since 1983, and it is the only town to have this
right in the whole region of Extremadura.

The producers and manufacturers under this D.O. are
committed to maintaining the highest possible quality
standards of their products, made using the traditional
method of production.


The vineyards are planted at 400m over the sea level and the soils are composed of clay over a layer of limestone. This type of soil is very appropriate for the culture of vine and olive trees, as they keep well the humidity needed during the long dry season.