About Sophia

From Greece to Spain & all over the World


I originally come from Greece, a very small village in the mountains, called Konitsa. I studied Economics and marketing in Aberystwyth UWA, in Wales and then moved to Bristol, where I worked for 4 years in financial services, sales and marketing.


In 2003 I moved to Spain and particularly Almendralejo, in Extremadura and have been living here thereafter. Not knowing the Spanish language, I started teaching English in an Academy and few months later I started in the fascinating world of wine.


I worked for 8 years for Bodegas Lar de Barros-INVIOSA, and became the export manager there. This is were it all started.

When the winery closed down, I started up my own business based in exports of wines, cavas and other products from Extremadura. To start with I only tried to help my customers from the old winery look for other wines. As the time went by, I increased my clientele together with the range of products and regions from which I export from.


HAC Exports was born nearly at the same time as my first son, which gave me a great strength to work from home and be able to run my business at the same time as looking after my son and spending quality family time.


Nowadays, I am the export manager of a few companies, I represent part of the exports of others, have my own brand labeled CAVA (together with my associate Isabel Cuevas) and keep on looking to expand my horizons in offering excellent price/quality products.



Wines and Cavas


Olive oil and olives

Jams, hams and other


Trustworthy - Problemsolver

Professional / Efficient / Hardworking

Looking after the interest of my customers as well as my producers

Communication is important!!!